Sunday, May 26, 2013

Mom's Worry, We Can't Help Ourselves

I guess you never get over being a mother, no matter how old your children are.  I am so much better than I used to be, but I still worry about my children and grandchildren.  When my daughter was into rock climbing, I was a wreck.  You don't do that anymore, do you Heather?   I know you read my blog.

Heather climbing at Devil's Lake

On Thursday my youngest daughter told me that they were flying to Alabama for the weekend.  I happened to mention that the weather in that direction was unstable and brought up the terrible tornado in Oklahoma.  She said they would watch the weather which was code for "we are going to Alabama".  She learned from me saying "we will see" when I usually had no intention of doing whatever it was they were asking.   They have their own plane and I am sure they go flying many times that I don't know about.   Anyway, Friday came and I knew they were going, but I wasn't exactly sure when.  Smart girl for not giving the exact time.  Then at six o'clock she called from Alabama, and they had landed safe and sound.  I could relax.  She sent me text messages and posted photos on Facebook.  Everyone was having a good time.  She told me they would probably come home on Sunday.  Then when I got up on Sunday morning there was an email from my darling daughter.  It said they were home already.  They got in at 3:15 am.  She said she didn't tell me they were leaving Saturday night because I wouldn't sleep.  She was right. 

 Actually I am very happy for both of my daughters and their families.  They have taken amazing trips and have given their children some wonderful experiences and memories. 

Photo of The Steffen aircraft taken from another plane who was flying nearby. 

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