Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Life Isn't Always Perfect

Today I could post some more beautiful photos of the little piece of heaven we call home, but I think it's time for a little taste of reality.  Every day is not perfect.  We have our share of catastrophes just like every one else.  We have a septic system.  Last year a pipe broke under ground, and we had to have the yard dug up to repair it.  We can't overload the tank, so we can't shower, run the dishwasher and do a load of laundry at the same time.  We have to space those things out throughout the day.

Although it doesn't happen often, we have seen this out of our back patio door.

A paper wasp nest being built under our deck.

A woodchuck coming up on the front porch.

The beautiful pine trees that I often photograph give off a yellow powder that covers everything when the new growth comes out in the spring.  Here it is floating on the pond with the scum that forms when the water level is going down.  Thank goodness the pollen is out of the air though.

Then last night the topper.  I woke up at 2:00AM.  I reached to itch a tickle in my head and yuck, I had a wood tick.  I had to get up, find some tape and kill it.  I was going to photograph it, but I flushed it instead. 

So as you see, everything is not perfect.  How boring if it was.  

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  1. Eww Eww on the neck tic. In town all is not perfect either. We have people that spray severe chemicals on the grass, not enough recycle bins and then only pic up every other week. Exhaust fumes and black dust on furniture if you live near a hiway. Traffic jams. Road Ragers! Robbers! And so on. I think your imperfections are marvelous compared to ours. Just sayin'. But then its all relative.