Thursday, January 31, 2013

In Memory of My Mom

This post is in memory of my mom who passed away one year ago.  Life goes on but our loved ones will never be forgotten.

Mom and Dad married June 8, 1946

This was taken 6 weeks before she died.  She was still doing pretty well.  Things went downhill after this photo but I'm so glad she didn't suffer very long and didn't linger.

This video shows her personality.  It shows that she was feisty but oh so loving.  She loved my dad and her whole family with all her heart.  We truly miss her.


  1. Beautiful memories , family treasures .

    thanks for sharing Barb ,

  2. She has such a sparkle and good energy and I am sure you feel this prescence even now.

  3. Great blog with your Mom. I sincerely believe your Mom is with you in SPIRIT all the time. You are a WALKING & TALKING reminder of your Mom's life her on earth. She directly and indirectly helped make you the person you are. Do people say, "You are just like your Mom"? Pretty sure Mike or your Dad have said that once of twice. Take that as a HUGE COMPLIMENT. Your Mom is smiling down on you and she is soooooooo proud of you. She was a dear lady. ALWAYS made Dave and I feel so welcome. I am sure your Dad doesn't feel completely gone from your are a constant reminder of his dear wife whenever he looks at you. Thank you for sharing her memory with me. Smiles and Hugs, Lark