Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dad's Photoshoot

More snow in Wisconsin brings me back to a year ago.  There is nothing to report today except Snow, Snow and more Snow.  Spring had already arrived by early March last year.  My dad had been asked to do a photoshoot for the local hospital in January 2012.  He is not the kind of person who is a show off and never draws attention to himself.  Imagine our surprise when he agreed to do this.  My mom was still living, so I stayed with her and my husband took him.  They had to take several changes in clothing and make sure he had clean finger nails and a haircut.  Mom and I wondered what was going on because it took quite a long time.  Finally they returned.  Dad had a good time and was pleased that they liked the clothing he was wearing and he didn't even require hair and makeup.  The resulting photos were great.  Mom died at the end of January and never saw the finished product. 

 This one is 4 x 7 feet and hanging in one of the main hallways of the hospital for all to see.  I would  never have thought in a million years that we would have this memory.

They also hung two colored banners outside the nursing home which is run by the hospital.  I didn't have the camera and only a flip phone so this is as good a photo as I could get.  They are still hanging there so I will go back for a better photo.  See how nice the weather was last year at this time.

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