Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Wonderful Electric Egg Cooker

Today I have a couple of things to recommend that work for me.  One is a small appliance called an electric egg cooker.  Now most of you will say that you don't need an another appliance just to cook eggs.  That's true, a saucepan and water works fine.  However, it's a guessing game for cooking time and if the eggs sit in the refrigerator for a while after they are boiled, the outside of the yolk turns a yucky green.  The egg cooker never fails.  You put in the number of eggs you want to boil (up to 6 or 7), add the recommended amount of water and press start.  The cooker buzzes when the eggs are cooked and it shuts itself off if you forget what your doing.  I admit, I get distracted at times trying to multitask.  You can hard boil them, soft boil them or poach them.  We like egg salad sandwiches or hard cooked eggs on salads.  In a few minutes you can accomplish this.  They are inexpensive too, even if you buy them new.  In a thrift store they are $2.00.
The next thing I have for today is how to store the lids to plastic containers.  Unless you have all the same sized containers with matching lids,  it's hard to organize them.  I store the plastic in a drawer that only holds so many.  It forces me to throw away (recycle) anything extra that I don't need.  I use a CD storage rack.  I put it in the drawer with the containers and I can always see what goes together. 

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