Friday, April 12, 2013

Cancer Has Many Colors

Today is an important day in my life.  It was six years ago that I finished my last round of Chemotherapy.  I am not going to chronicle every last detail of my uterine cancer journey because frankly I just want to keep moving forward and no one really wants to read about my trials and tribulations.  It was not fun but it did change how I look at things.  Also, I should say it changed how I look at how other people view things.  People get caught up and bent out of shape by so many unimportant things.  All it takes is one phone call and everything in your life can change.  Looking back I don't know how we managed.  In five months I had surgery, 28 radiation treatments (which I had to travel 1 1/2 hours per day, everyday) and 4 chemo treatments.  I lost all my hair and wore a terrible wig for a while.  One day, I just took it off and felt so free.  I had survived.  Of course, I get upset with the weather, dirty dishes, politics etc. but it's only temporary.  Anniversaries such as this are good reminders for me too.

Today's blog is for all the people who went through a lot more than I did and may or may not have survived.  Life is not predictable.  It helps to take care of yourself, but many times it's just bad luck.  Be grateful for every moment even if there are struggles.  There is ALWAYS someone who has it worse.

All cancer's have a specific color depending on the type.

 We are all familiar with the pink ribbon for breast cancer.   Uterine Cancer is the color peach.  For this reason I always wear a peach bracelet that says:

Say It, Fight It, Cure It.


  1. What an amazing person you've become! You could write a story on this, but I can understand why you would rather not.