Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ice Storm 2013

Today is April 10, 2013.  After a miserable yesterday weather wise with rain, cold, thunder and lightning, we woke up to an ice storm.  There are trees and power lines down just from the weight of the ice.  Tonight is supposed to be a repeat of last night.  This is Wisconsin and it is expected that we get almost every type of weather at some point during the year, but I believe we deserve some nice sunny days.  This dreary weather is making people cranky.  I went for a haircut today, then to the grocery store and then home.  I didn't hear one pleasant word, in fact I almost got run over by a semi that wasn't going to stop behind me, even though I was sitting at a red light.  He even honked at me.  I suppose he was late for his delivery because of the roads.  On the bright side, think of how we will appreciate a sunny day even with temps in the 50's.  Everyone will be so happy.

A picture is worth many many words, so here are some photos of today.

The weight of the ice is bending over the trees and breaking the    branches off.

I hope this little cedar tree will straighten
up again when the weather warms up.

Little branches like this are broken off all over
the area.

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