Thursday, April 11, 2013

Doll Clothes Patterns

Old Leisure Arts pattern.  I have made almost every pattern in this book
I haven't posted a crafty project for a while.  I always liked making doll clothes.  I never liked the actual dolls or playing mommy with them like most little girls.  I only used them for models for the clothes I would make for them.  When I was about seven years old, I would wait for socks to be worn out enough to be thrown away. That was back when we didn't have so many pair or washer/dryers that would eat them.  Now days socks disappear, never to be seen again.  My husband always (and I mean always) pins his socks together so the sock fairy can't steal them.

Back to my story.  When I was seven I would take old socks and cut armholes.  I would hand stitch them and hem them to make clothes for the dolls we had.  Barbie dolls hadn't been invented yet.  One time in fourth grade we exchanged names at Christmas with other classmates (that was another time also).  When it came time to open the presents, most kids got a little toy of some sort.  I opened mine and got a pair of aqua socks.  I think I was the only kid who got socks for a gift.  Rather than be disappointed, I couldn't wait to wear them out so I could make a dress for a doll.  It would be aqua and not just plain white. 

I won't bore you with all the projects I made.  There have been hundreds.  Most of them are long gone but I liked doing it so much.  I only have one granddaughter who (like me) never played with dolls that much.  She doesn't sew outfits, but has loved all the computer programs that involved creating outfits.  You would think I would be a clothes horse or would know how to dress myself in a lovely manner.  I don't really care about that and do a terrible job.  My favorite clothes were always things I made myself.

Here are some samples of a couple things I have saved over the years. 

I made the moose out of a suede type fabric and then made the dress and knit the vest.

Outfit for the baby Cabbage Patch kid.

Cabled sweater for stuffed bear

Sweater for American GirlDoll
I was going to include patterns but all the basic patterns for all these are free online.  Just search for free American Girl patterns or free cabbage patch patterns.  The size can be adjusted easily.

Another old book with fun crocheted Barbie patterns

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  1. Keep up the great posts. I didn't know you were so "craftily" creative. Very interesting.