Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sam Got His Brown-Black Belt

I really don't know anything about karate.  I just know that they wear special outfits and go barefoot.  Sometimes they kick and sometimes they jab.  I do know that it has been a wonderful activity for my grandson Sam.  Sam started to go to karate when he was four and a half.

Sam when he first began Karate

He will be nine in July.  For over four years he has been learning and practicing, working through the different belts.  He has been mastering different karate positions and even breaking boards.

Board breaking day with his dad holding the board

Then last Saturday Sam tested for a Brown-Black belt.  He learned all the routines and passed with flying colors.  Karate teaches self discipline and confidence.  It was sometimes hard for him but he kept at it and succeeded.  In six months he will be able to try for his Black Belt.  Quite an accomplishment for a boy his age.  We are very proud.

Sam doing pushups

Karate is serious business

Using the Bo Staff


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