Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Geocaching in Neshkoro Wisconsin

We haven't been out geocaching ( or written about it for a long time so this week when an interesting one came up close to home, we decided to try it.  Neshkoro, Wisconsin is a small town about eight miles north of us.  As with all these little towns, they have a rich history.  The towns were usually formed on a rail line and a river or a water source.  They usually had a foundry,  harness shop, meat market and mercantile shop, woolen mill, hotels and diners.  There is usually an old grist mill on a stream where the farmers would come to get their grain ground into flour.  It reminds me of the story the Little Red Hen (  A little known fact is that I played the Little Red Hen when I was in second grade.  I had the starring role in the performance at the Neillsville Wisconsin armory.  The armory isn't standing anymore and some days I have a little trouble standing myself (kidding).   I still remember the song, "cluck cluck cluck cadakit said the little hen, see my little yellow chickens eight, nine, ten".    I can remember that, but don't ask me today's date.

Back to my geocache story.  As I mentioned, Neshkoro has an interesting history.  To depict it, the town has several murals painted along the downtown area.  This geocache brings you through the GPS coordinates to each mural.  From the picture, you have to answer questions.  Then with the numbers collected and put into the formula, a final coordinate is reached.  The murals were very interesting and even though I had seen them many times, we had never stopped to look at them in detail.  For those who geocache, some of the questions can be answered through these photos but not all.

Fourth of July celebration is celebrated very differently today.

 It is hard to imagine this town so busy, now it is a very small quiet place.

The old mill which is a coffee shop now.

Tribute to the public schools.

Modern day activities in this town.

The town today is very quiet.  It has a gas station, a bar, a grocery store, a few specialty businesses and a post office but most of the businesses and industries are long gone.  A very similar story to a lot of little towns throughout the country.

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