Thursday, September 19, 2013

Our View is Always Changing

Tonight we finally got some rain.  We hadn't had any for several weeks.  Tonight we got .8"  in 15 minutes.  We were on the road at the time and could barely go 35 mph.  It was coming down in buckets.  It is still raining lightly.  This probably won't do anything to change our view, but I thought I would post some comparison photos.  The landscape was flooded on May 22, 2013 and dried up by July.  I don't know how it can be flooded and then be full of blooming wild flowers.  Nature is always changing and quite amazing.  The geese are spending a lot of time in the remaining water as well as the sandhill cranes.

In May of 2013 this area was flooded.

This is the same view taken today.  All that is left is a stream and small pond.  Yellow flowers cover the landscape.

Another view from the deck last May.  Water everywhere.

Today there is just grass and bushes.  A great habitat for wildlife and birds.

This is really pretty and every year the landscape changes slightly.  We are so fortunate.  I can't imagine what the people living through all the natural disasters are going through.  Enjoy each day.


  1. Beautiful scenery.
    glad you got some rain.
    We're having severe drought conditions.
    We got rain today too! It smelled lovely!

  2. Thanks Pat for commenting. I love to hear from you and others. How did you get the name of your blog?