Friday, September 20, 2013

The Smartholder

Many years ago when we added on to our house, they built the room without window openings.  Then after it was attached, they cut out all the window openings with a chain saw. 

For years the logs have been stored under a tarp.  The woodchuck lived under there for a while.

The tarp was getting to be an eyesore, so this summer my husband decided to look under the tarp.  He thought that whatever we were saving the logs for, probably wasn't going to happen.  When he took the tarp off and inspected the logs, some had begun to rot.   Besides the woodchuck, a snake was also living in the logs.

Some of the logs were bad as you can see, but there was some good wood.  Rather than save the logs for an unknown project, he decided to cut it up for firewood.  He has another gadget great for this.  In the past, I had to help by holding the end of the log.  The Smartholder holds the log in place while it is being sawed up.

Pick up the log.

Place in the Smartholder.

Start sawing in lengths.

Quick and easy.

The only piece left is the one in the smartholder.

Split the wood.

And stack it.

There was more wood there than he thought.  The only problem was that when this job was all finished, we saw a Facebook post on how to build a cord wood shed.  I think the unsplit logs would have been perfect for such a project.  Oh well,  maybe next time.


  1. We lost some trees in a summer storm at the back of the property... we have to go and cut it up. Been waiting on it to cool down some.
    Nobody wants to cut wood when it is 105° outside!
    Your pile of wood looks great!
    the smart holder...looks smart!

  2. You are so right, no one wants to do anything when it is 105 degrees. We live in Wisconsin so if it's in the 90's we can't stand it. Today is in the 60's and that is perfect for us.