Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Rosettes Are A Family Tradition

It's the holidays and there are some recipes that are tradition.  One of those is Rosettes.  Rosettes are a Scandinavian deep fried cookie type thing. They are very delicate and need to be fried individually.  My mother who was Danish made them, and almost every year I try to make them too.  My family doesn't care that much for them, but it's tradition and they look so pretty on the cookie plate.  This year my cousin Kim wanted to make them.  I had an extra rosette iron to give to her.  She is a very good cook, so I knew they would turn out.  I gave her a food network recipe as well as the recipe my mother had.  I believe she used the Food Network recipe.  They turned out great.  They were better than any I ever made.  She was so kind to share, and we really enjoyed them.  Not only that, I didn't have to make any this year.

Rosette Iron

This is mom's recipe.

Or if you prefer, the Food Network link.

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