Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Very Busy Sunday

This was a busy day.  We got going early this morning and headed to church.  We went to see three of our grandchildren in their church Christmas program.  Last year we missed the program because it was held in a barn in the country and the barn was too small.  It was full before we arrived, and they shut the doors before we could get in.

This year it was at the church.  Melissa read a bible passage while another girl lit the advent candles.

They had a little program about the Nativity.  They used a more modern story to tell about the birth of Jesus, but I prefer the traditional story.  They sang jazzy songs, played blowup guitars and used puppets as some of the characters.  We all sang Christmas songs.  The kids were very cute.

Jack playing a fake blowup guitar and singing.

Sam singing also.

And Melissa too.

After the program we went to our daughter's house.  She made birthday cupcakes for her dad and two kinds of soup for lunch.  Our other daughter came over with her kids.  After lunch, the kids played, and my dad, my son in law and my husband watched football.   My daughters and I made Christmas cookies.  We get together every year to bake.  We made the usual kinds and a few new ones.  We wanted to make some new varieties that were gluten free.  We made peanut butter temptations, Mexican wedding cakes, chocolate dipped pretzel rods, peppermint bark, soda cracker toffee, mint chocolate chip cookies and new kind with dried cranberries, gluten free pretzels, nuts in dark chocolate. 

Chocolate dipped pretzel rods.

Some of the cookies we made today.

I was really tired today.  I have been going to bed way too late and getting up way too early.  Some people love to sleep, but I'm not a fan of it.  I have never been a good sleeper.  I must have been a difficult baby.  We all know it is necessary and sometimes I have to give in and sleep.  So we got home, ate some dinner and I put my pajama's on.  Now the sugar has kicked in from all the cookie sampling and on top of that the Green Bay Packers beat the Cowboys in an amazing come from behind victory.  I'm not tired anymore.

It's been quite the day.

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