Monday, March 31, 2014

Ewan Turns Four Years Old

Happy 4th Birthday Ewan

I can't believe it's four years ago today, March 31, that Ewan came into this world.  All of us, including the doctor, thought he was going to be a girl.  My daughter was going to name her Piper.  She received a lot of pink clothes because we hadn't had a baby girl in the family for a while.  After the birth, my son-in-law came out to the waiting room and said that he had good news and bad news.  We looked at him with horror fearing some really bad news.  He said the good news was that the baby was healthy, the bad news was that HE didn't have a name.  Needless to say, even though it was a shock, it was wonderful news.  It took a little while, but they came up with the name Ewan that was a bit unusual and went very well with big brother's name which is Dylan.

Baby Ewan Theodore

Yesterday we had a little family birthday party.  Ewan didn't really want to eat because he had presents to open.  When we arrived, he was in his fireman suit.  For a long time that is all he would wear, but now he changes off with super hero costumes.  All our grandsons have been through the super hero phase.  It so happens that one of his gifts was a Flash costume.

Could this be a Flash costume?

It was a great day with the family.  Aunt Sarah had to work but she was able to come later.

Ewan blowing out the candles.

Ripping open presents.

Thanking his big brother with a big smooch.

 It's time to play with some new toys.

And now they have a little girl dog that they named Piper.

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