Sunday, March 30, 2014

Oliver Twist

You know how you aren't supposed to live through your children's and grandchildren's accomplishments.  They are individuals with their own abilities and achievements, just as we are different from our parents.  I couldn't help myself this weekend.  All my life I envied people who could get up in front of an audience and speak or belt out a song.  This past weekend I was able to watch my second oldest grandchild Dylan, who is twelve years old, do just that.  Dylan played Oliver Twist in his Middle School play.  He did a wonderful job and we were so proud.  I am not an overly emotional person, but when I saw him up there singing and dancing and speaking all those complicated lines,  I had all I could do not to cry.  Dylan was born happy.  He smiled the moment he was born.  Since we can remember he has been singing so it wasn't a surprise that he tried out for the play.  His voice is amazing, and he can hear and feel the music like my mom could.  I wish I could post a video but because of copyright laws I am unable to.  This was a big production for a middle school.  They practiced two hours a day for three months.  All the kids said their lines with British accents and spoke like they lived in 1850's London.  I can't say enough about all the effort put forth by the many people who were involved with this play.    It is something I will always remember.

Left to Right:  The Artful Dodger, Dylan as Oliver, Nancy, Fagin and Bill Sykes

Dylan taking his final bow.
Great Job Dylan.  You were fantastic and we love you so much.

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