Friday, April 4, 2014

Migratory Buffleheads and American Coots

From the weather reports, it appears that we dodged a big snow event.  We live in Princeton which is in Central Wisconsin, but some places in Northern Wisconsin have received almost a foot of fresh snow today.  We had some rain and a few flurries, but overall just clouds and cool temperatures in the mid thirties.  It's a mixed blessing.  A big snowstorm would add some much needed water to our lakes, but not getting the precipitation helped our mental health. 

This time of year is exciting because we see birds and ducks passing through the area that we don't usually see any other time of the year.  Many of the migratory ducks I can't identify, and I can't get a clear picture to research.  The last couple days I was able to get a picture of some American Coots and a pair of Buffleheads.

The American Coot has a gray body, a black head and a white bill.

A pair of Bufflehead ducks.

The buffleheads are really fun to watch.  They just float around.  Suddenly they dive completely under the water for 15 seconds or so, and then they pop up like a fish bobber.  They do this over and over again.  They must be a very high energy duck.

Last year we had a Loon stop by for a few days.  With the ice and snow in the north, we may see them again.  They only stay until the Northern lakes open up.  Everyday is an adventure to see what new wildlife will appear and to watch the species that migrate here and stay for the summer.  It keeps me busy.

The Common Loon

This Great Blue Heron thinks he is hiding from me. 

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