Wednesday, July 9, 2014

My Lucky Day (I hope)

The day is still young, but it may be my lucky day.  For what, I have no idea.  I can't win the lottery because I never have bought a ticket in my life.  My theory for life is that you never ever get something for nothing.  I won't find a great deal on something because I don't plan on shopping today.  Maybe it will be a simple thing like not choking or not falling down the stairs.  My dream luck would be seeing the beautiful Whooping Cranes hanging out in the area.  If I could look out and see one, that would be like hitting the lottery for me.  By the way, the 2014 class of baby cranes arrived yesterday.  There will be seven of them training with the ultralight aircraft about three miles from our house.  Four of the year old cranes from last years class have been spotted in the marsh near the training ground.  Keep your fingers crossed they will venture this way. 

The reason for my optimism is that I just went outside to fill the hummingbird feeders.  In the short trip from my door to the feeders, I found 5 four leaf clovers.  Yup, I said FIVE.  I don't pick them anymore because I want others to find them.  I just take pictures.

This is number 1

#2 and #3

#4 and #5

As you can see, we can't grown grass but we can grow clover.  Maybe that is why it is easy for me to see them.  I wrote about finding four and five leaf clovers in a previous blog.  Maybe my luck will come in doing something more exciting than this little sport of finding clover.  I will keep you posted.

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