Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Essential Oil Products

Two months ago, I wrote about being introduced to Essential Oils and meeting Michele.  She is a Young Living representative.  It has been very exciting to learn about oils and their benefits from her.  I have also read a few books to try to learn more.  That is why I was excited to learn about a class she was having.  These classes are called Make and Takes.  That means you meet and Make certain products.  Then you Take them home with you.  A couple days ago I attended my first Make and Take class.  My daughters also came.  We had fun making a variety of products.

The first thing we made was Holiday Spray.  Michele provided everything we needed, which included the spray bottle, the essential oil, the epsom salt and distilled water.  The spray smells like a Christmas Tree.  We have allergies so we haven't had a "real" Christmas Tree for many years.  I sprayed the tree with this spray, and it smells just like a natural Christmas Tree.  This spray used Evergreen Essence  oil, but any scent will work in this recipe.

Holiday Room Spray

1 spray bottle
1 Tablespoon epsom salt put into the bottom of the bottle
Fill the bottle with distilled water
10 drops of essential oil (We used Evergreen Essence)

Next we made a Sugar Body Scrub.  I have used it on my face and hands, and it made them very soft.  It also tastes so good, but you want to rinse it off completely with warm water or your dog won't stop licking your face.  I used peppermint oil for mine, and my daughters used orange.  Both scents smell wonderful.

Body Scrub

1 pint jar
2 cups white sugar
1/2 cup olive oil
4 drops of essential oil.
Mix together until blended and put into the jar.

The next two products were put into little glass bottles with roll on tops.  One was called Seasonal Assist and the other was called Respiratory Roll On.  Both these products may help with respiratory and seasonal issues.  Everybody reacts differently, but just smelling these oils makes me feel better.

Seasonal Assist
1/3 oz. glass bottle
6 drops lemon
6 drops lavender
6 drops peppermint
Then fill the bottle with grapeseed or olive oil

Respiratory Roll On
1/3 oz. glass bottle
6 drops lemon
6 drops eucalyptus oil
Fill bottle with grapeseed or olive oil

For those who aren't familiar with essential oils, they may seem quite expensive.  They are so concentrated that one little bottle will go a long way. There are many different oils and blends.  Each help with different things.   I use a diffuser quite often and get a variety of benefits throughout the whole room depending on which oil I choose.  Although there are many companies that make essential oils, I know Young Living is a quality product.  I look forward to attending more classes in the future. 

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