Thursday, October 22, 2015

Part Two: Our Mini Michigan Vacation-The Punzel's Cottage

In continuing our mini vacation to Michigan, my sister and her husband showed us around the Traverse City area.  They have many interesting places, but a stand out business is called Punzel's Cottage in the Tidendal Woods.  It is a Scandinavian cottage specializing in everything Scandinavian.  It has gift items from imported food and cheese, books, clothing items and jewelry, trolls and anything else you can imagine.  I even saw sewing patterns for making authentic costumes.  It is actually more than a store.  It is an experience.  They call themselves a Living Scandinavian Folktale.  When you pull into the parking area the first thing you see is the Dala horse.  The owner loves to answer questions and shares her folktales and Nordic lifestyle.  If anyone is in this area, it would be worth the trip.  I think the pictures speak for themselves. 

 You see these signs for Danes, Norwegian, Swedish etc. in the parking lot. 

When you look up you see a bridge surrounded by trolls.

The Punzel Cottage containing a variety of Scandinavian gifts.

This is the Tomte Hus (elf house).

For those reading about this cottage and are interested in some children's books with a Scandinavian theme, please go to this website:

These darling books were written by a high school friend of mine and will be enjoyed by all.

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