Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Ewan the Blacksmith

I haven't written about my youngest grandson Ewan for a while.  He is the most interesting six year old kid.  I think he will grow up to be Grizzly Adams.  He would live outdoors, if he could.  He inspects every little rock and collects critters from ants to snakes.  He plays and uses his imagination all the time.  You almost always see him with a walking stick.


He found a snake in the woods.
The older kids can't live without their electronics, but not Ewan.  He prefers exploring and making things.  I have written about him wanting to be a fireman.  That lasted a long time.   He wanted to be a doctor and a secret agent.  He was also going to be a pilot or astronaut and then a cowboy.  Actually he wanted to be a Native American but settled on cowboy not realizing it was a conflict of interest.   These days he wants to be a blacksmith.  Fortunately so does his dad.  They have a blacksmith shop set up.  They have coal for a hot fire, anvils and all the necessary equipment .  They heat metal and pound it into objects.  When they aren't actually blacksmithing, they watch the latest blacksmith televison shows together. 

Carefully they heat the metal.

Then pound it into shape.

Even brother Dylan got in on the act.

Ewan and his dad are a good blacksmithing team.

It's a dirty job but that's what bathtubs are for.

I love that Ewan has so many interests and so does his dad.  They are always busy with something.  If they don't know how to do something, they research and study until they learn.  Right now Ewan's dad is busy rebuilding a 1951 pickup truck.  The last time I saw this truck it was torn apart down to the axle.  I can't wait to see what it looks like when it's finished. 

I have no doubt Ewan will be successful in whatever he ends up doing and for sure, he will never be bored.

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