Saturday, January 19, 2013

Celebration of Elvis's Birthday

Last year on January 6 we heard that Dan Sutter was doing an Elvis show at the Senior Center in Oregon Wisconsin.  It was in honor of Elvis's birthday.  We have known Dan for almost 20 years.  We took a little road trip and surprised him for the show.  It was wonderful and we enjoyed it very much.  This January he was doing it again, so we planned to attend.  For many reasons we weren't able to make it.  We were disappointed but that is how things go sometimes.  Imagine my surprise when two Cd's arrived in the mail yesterday.

I found this little youtube video someone did with a sample of last years show. 

If any of you have the opportunity to see or hear Dan sing you will be pleasantly surprised.  Dan sings and plays in a band called Universal Sound.  They play almost every weekend in the Madison Wisconsin area. 


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