Saturday, April 13, 2013

Spring Decor

Even though it is nearly the middle of April 2013 there is a layer of fresh snow on the ground nearly every morning.  It doesn't last and usually melts in a couple hours.  Somehow the spring decorations look very out of place but they also give us hope that warmer weather will be here soon.  The weatherman said that there will be more snow and ice next week and that a Canadian airflow will bring cooler than normal temperatures into May.

There are no flowers to pick outside so I had to settle for these.  If you haven't used the gel that looks like water, it works well.  This is just an old pint jar, some silk flowers that look like wild flowers and some water gel.  There are many brands of this gel that can be purchased in any craft department.

Since the pussy willows aren't ready yet, I had to dig out last years.  They are still in pretty good shape so they will have to do.  A breath of Spring.  The wood from the bushes that these pussy willows grew on were used to make the towel bars I blogged about (The Cabin Countess : Towel Bars made out of a Willow Tree) From a rather normal looking bush with green leaves,  I got both a Spring decoration and a some functional objects.

Wild Pussy Willows from 2012

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