Thursday, April 3, 2014

Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps

The nice day we had yesterday is only a memory.  It is windy and chilly again today.  At least we don't have any snow left.  The counties to the north of us are going to receive a bunch of snow again.  They have been hit very hard this winter.  My major problem at this time of year is dead stagnant air in the house.  After the long winter all the dust, dirt and cooking odors have accumulated.  I noticed that walking into the house doesn't smell very fresh.  In fact, I can't wait to open up the windows and doors and let the fresh air blow through.  Until that happens, I bought a large air purifier.  It was a brand recommended by my brother-in-law.  It works pretty well.  The unit on high could blow a cat across the room.  The house does smell better.  In addition to the air purifier, I purchased a Salt Crystal Lamp.

Himalayan Ionic Salt Crystal Lamp

My friend Wendy told me about these lamps.  They are supposedly a way to freshen the air naturally.  The lamp comes in many styles.  I chose this basket.  It has a small light bulb in the middle.  When the bulb is lit, the heat causes the salt crystals to give off negative ions.  Negative ions are oxygen atoms with an extra electron.  It's complicated unless you are a physicist or chemist.  All I know is
 that it is proven that when you have pollution in your home from smoke, odors or mold, the particles in the air clump together and cause allergies, respiratory problems, headaches and infections.  Negative ions create an antidote to these.  That is why a lot of air purifiers have an ionic feature.  This lamp creates negative ions in a natural way. 

Salt Lamp makes a nice night light.

I think it's pretty too.  This one has a dimmer switch and makes a great night light.  I think it would be great in a bathroom or a bedroom.  I put it by the front door, and I have noticed that I can't smell any unpleasant odors when I come into the house.   I will ask my daughters about it when they come to visit.  Hopefully they will tell me the truth.  If my house still stinks, then I don't know what more I can do short of bringing out the caustic chemical air fresheners.  

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