Sunday, January 6, 2013

Critters of the Night

I really don't have anything to post or report today, so I am posting a couple of photos that I have never shown before.  We have these Crows or Ravens.  I'm not sure what they are but they are as big as chickens and eat any type of stale food or leftovers that I care to put out.

At night, we also have a striped cat who comes to visit.  I don't know where he lives or if he is a feral cat.  He will not come anywhere near us so I believe he is wild, but he isn't afraid of the deer who also come to the feeder.  

 Next we have rabbits at night.  Tons and tons of rabbits.  I don't know what they eat at night.  Maybe they eat bark or sprigs of leaves that poke out of the snow.  The little pellets in the snow show me that they eat something.

We have fox, raccoon, possum and various other critters that come in the dead of night.  

The only one that I can't identify is this headless critter.  Like the abominable snowman, we will probably never know who or what it is or if it will ever show up again.


  1. Our ravens always travel in threes. They along with my fox family have been keeping the bunny population under control. One day while working in my 'potting up' area in the woods, the ravens scooped up a baby rabbit and took it up into the tree tops. Mom rabbit was at the base of the tree making a weird screaming chatter. I felt sad for the rabbits, BUT that sadness didn't last too long. I quickly remembered the rabbits munching on my gardens.

    Barb, tell us about the camera system you have set up in this area. Expensive? How does it take the elements? Maybe you could show us how you have it set up and where?

  2. Lark, I posted a new blog with some information about our camera. If you have any questions, let me know.

  3. I bet everyday its a special treat to see who stopped by for a visit. I do love the crows and the black squirrel. I would watch out for the headless gremlin.

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