Saturday, July 6, 2013

Composting Used Coffee Filters

Today I debated if I should even write a blog on this.  I know many of you will think that I have gone off the deep end and need serious help.  As you know I compost almost everything.  I have several compost piles outside in different stages of readiness, and I have a worm farm which uses some scraps and paper.  Worm Farming, An Unusual Type of Farmer   Even though they say tea bags and coffee filters are able to be composted, I was finding that they don't break down very quickly.  I developed a method to solve this.  When I take the coffee grounds and filter out of the coffee pot, I scrape off the used grounds either in the compost container or keep them separate to use on the hydrangea and other acid loving plants.  Then I put the used filter on a plate and microwave it for two minutes.  The smell of coffee fills the room and it dries the filter. 

Coffee grounds and dried coffee filters
I then shred the filter in the paper shredder.  It take almost no time and everything is broken down to a more manageable size ready to compost.

Shredded Coffee Filters

So if this is my last post, you know they have taken me away in a straight jacket, if not for the subject matter then for taking photos of used coffee grounds and shredded paper.

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