Monday, July 1, 2013

Never Assume

As most of you know by now, my husband built a screened porch last summer.  It is a very pleasant place to sit most of the time.  It is a place to sit and enjoy the fresh air without the mosquitoes and flies interfering.  However, when the weather is very hot and humid, it can be uncomfortable.  That is why we installed a small ceiling fan with a light.

Even though it was a good idea at the time, it has been a disappointment.  It just doesn't move enough air.  At first we thought that the blades were going in the wrong direction.  It should be clockwise in the winter and counter clockwise in the summer.  That wasn't the problem.  Next we thought that perhaps the blades needed to be longer, so we traveled to the nearest Habitat for Humanity store in Oshkosh.  They had a set of longer blades, and we bought them.  OOPS!  The set had five blades and when we got home we saw we needed six.  A few days later we returned to Oshkosh and luckily they had another set.  Now we have ten ceiling fan blades.  We figured we would use six and sell the extra four at our garage sale.

We took the old blades off.

Laid them all out nicely.

We opened up the new blades.  They weren't white but that was ok because the purpose was to move more air.

At this point, we took them over to our dining room table to reassemble the blades.  Another OOPs!  The holes didn't line up.  So here we are after two trips to Oshkosh @ 45 minutes each way equaling three hours, $10 for the cost of two sets of blades, getting the ladder out and putting the fan back together.

Same as when we started.

What makes this especially disturbing is my husband thinks everything out to the smallest detail.  He drives us all crazy sometimes because he can't do anything half heartedly.  It's all or nothing with him.  This time he just listened to me and tried to be spontaneous.  It didn't work.  He could just kick himself and said "see what happens when you assume".  You all know the rest of that quote.  "it makes an ASS of You and Me".

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