Thursday, July 4, 2013

Staining our log home

Owning a log home does require some upkeep.  The house has to be stained every few years to keep the logs from drying out.  We usually do it ourselves, but it takes a long time to power wash the house and then brush on the stain.   This year we decided to hire someone to do the work.  We hired a person and his son.  They are familiar with log houses.  He has built several and was the person who built on our dining room.  Putting a New Addition on a Log House

The first thing they did was power wash the whole house.

All that spray is making the windows look really bad.  They will need washing for sure.

After they power washed the house and knocked down all the beehives and bird nests, they left and let it dry for a couple days.

When they came back, they covered all my plants and the windows with plastic.  I was so worried that they would damage the flowers.  We did have some stain sprayed or dripped on the leaves, but I hope it won't do a lot of harm. 

They tried to cover the plants with plastic.

I know they tried, but some of the plants got dripped on and are suffering some damage.  I think we should have waited until fall, so the plants would be dying off anyway.

The leaves of this hosta look oily.

You can see stain dripping off the leaves.  Oh dear!

Two of the buds are dead and falling off already.

After putting plastic over all the windows, they were ready to stain.  They used a power sprayer, and they were finished before we knew it.  What would have taken us all summer, took these two workers less than seven hours each.

Dining Room area all sprayed and drying.

Everything back to normal.

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