Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sam Goes to Camp

My grandson Sam just completed third grade this past spring.  He is eight years old, but will turn nine in a couple weeks.  He had the opportunity to go to overnight camp for the first time.  The camp was only two nights and almost three days.  It was called Super Heroes camp so it was right up his alley.

He has loved all the super heroes since he was a little boy.  He especially likes The Flash.  I went with my daughter to drop him off.  I hadn't been back to this camp for a long time.  My daughter went here when she was in third grade.

As soon as he got out of the car, he was ready to go.
He was listening intently to all the instructions.  
 Staff member asking questions and getting to know Sam.
Then off to the cabins.
Or Headquarters ( HQ for short).

The cabin was set up with  Mission Rooms (where the bunks were).

Soon it was time to leave.  Sam hugged us and took off with the staff members.  My daughter had never left him like this before and felt strange driving off.  For the next two days, we often wondered how things were going and if he was having fun.  I guess there was no reason to worry.  This is the first thing we saw when we returned to pick him up.

Sam with his Super Sam cape socializing with another boy.

He had a great time, and the first thing he asked is if he could come back next year.  Then as we were leaving, he had to show his little brother around the camp.  We all could relax, he was a happy camper.

Sam or Super Sam as he called himself is showing his brother around.

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