Thursday, August 29, 2013

All Amish Products Are Not Created Equal

In several posts, I have mentioned that we live in Amish country.  There are several Amish families who live nearby, especially in the communities of Markesan, Kingston and Dalton, Wisconsin.

They have greenhouses. 

They have bakeries, general stores and cabinet making shops.  There is also a Cheese Factory which has pretty good cheese at very reasonable prices.  It's called the Salemville Cheesehouse, and whenever we have visited the store, there are people there from all over the state and probably beyond. 
Very often we will see Amish men repairing roofs or building sheds.  They are very hard workers.  They get a ride to and from the job site because they aren't allowed to drive motored vehicles.   Sunday is their day of rest.  None of the businesses are open, and they all gather for church.


People travel from far and wide for all the Amish products, so naturally when we saw Amish watermelon and Amish corn at the grocery store, we stopped to look.   Then we noticed that the seedless watermelon was $1.99 and the Amish seeded watermelon was $3.99.  We bought the seedless.  We looked at the corn.  It was 6 for $1.50 which is about the going rate.  Tonight I cooked it as I always do, in the microwave.  I really like it in the microwave because it is mostly steamed and not boiled.  Well, it was terrible.  I cooked it again for a while, and it was still tough.  The moral to this story is that just because it says Amish doesn't make it good.  I think it was field corn or old corn, and next time we will be more careful.

Note:  I just went into the kitchen.  There in the compost jar were two totally eaten cobs of corn.  I guess some people in my family have more refined taste buds than others, or HE was very very hungry.

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