Saturday, August 31, 2013

Saving Grace Salvage Co.

 A week or two ago, I was asked by a friend to be on the look out for a shabby chic birdcage stand.  She had seen a picture in a magazine with a clever use for such a thing.  I knew there was one in downtown Princeton, but they rent out for weddings and it wasn't for sale. 

So this morning we headed out through all the Princeton Flea Market traffic to Berlin Wisconsin.  Princeton's flea market was especially busy today and that was wonderful to see.

Berlin has it own treasure.  It is called Saving Grace Salvage Co.  If you want something or need something to complete a project, it is probably there.  It is loaded with a large variety of items.  You will find things you didn't even realize you wanted.  The saying that comes to mind is One Person's Trash is another Person's Treasure.

The ivy covered building used to be an old mill.  Now it is filled with three stories of stuff.  For those familiar with Berlin Wisconsin, it is near the Fox River on Ceresco Street.  It is about two blocks South of the main street.

As you enter the building, it is hard to know which way to go first.   If you go up the steps, you will find a large room full of sewing items and textiles, old printer blocks, pieces of woodwork and even a little crib from back in the day when we didn't worry about safety regulations.  To tell you the truth, I can't remember where everything is but you can be assured that you won't be able to see even a portion of what is there on your first trip.

The main floor has two sections.  The main portion is set up in interesting sections with similar items.  There is a kitchen area, a vintage clothing section, an office area and many more.  The shopkeepers of Saving Grace are very talented in showcasing their items.  As I was looking around I noticed someone was purchasing pieces of colored glass.  I asked him if he worked in stained glass and he said yes he did.  He said that he also repairs broken stained glass windows.  Where else could he find the kind of glass he needs?

Vintage clothing

A white section, maybe called Shabby Chic

A bookcase with old books.

Old maps

In the basement there are old doors, bed parts and windows.  I think the other levels also have these items.  All kinds of building materials are down there.  I'm sure I didn't see even a fraction of it.  There was an old flour bin or something that I didn't recognize but someone will love it.

Outside there are even more goodies.  Someone made a barbed wire tree.

Barbed wire tree

This is the top of an old windmill.

These next items were my favorite.  An old wicker chair planted full of hens and chicks and other plants.  This past spring we threw an old broken wicker settee out to the trash.  Who knew?

Old trike, laundry tubs and notice a wheel planted with more hens and chicks.

I don't own this shop or have any monetary interest in it, I just liked it.  Saving Grace Salvage Company is only open from May until October.  It is only open from 10-4 on Friday and Saturday.  So if you want to take a nice weekend trip to the Princeton/Berlin area, there is a lot to see.  Princeton Wisconsin has at least seven antique stores and the flea market, and then less than twenty miles away in Berlin, Wisconsin you can visit at their new location.


  1. I love this post! Wouldn't dare go there unless I bought a big house. No, then I would overdo it. I love the birdstand. Was that at the flea market or the Saving Grace?

  2. It was Saving Grace. That's where I was on Saturday when I texted you that photo. It would take days or at least many hours to see everything in that place.