Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Holiday Parade

Oh Dear.  It isn't even Thanksgiving Day yet, and the local communities are having their holiday parades.  We went to one tonight in Berlin Wisconsin.  Every year our grandchildren are in the parade.  This year it was only the youngest who participated.  He was in the parade with his daycare.  He was so excited.  He didn't even want to go to school today because he didn't want to miss going to the parade.  Last night they decorated his truck and he drove the parade route.

Ewan's truck all decked out for the Holiday parade.

He drove the whole parade route.

His mom and dad walked along beside him.
The parade is over and Ewan is heading home.

Even Piper the Puppy got to walk along.

It was difficult to photograph in the dark, but I got a few shots of some of the floats.  The weather was cool but not too bad.  It was supposed to snow a little but it didn't.  It was a perfect night for a parade.  Now to get on with the Holiday preparations.  The next month will be a busy one.

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