Monday, November 18, 2013

Country Values Country Store

We made a wonderful discovery recently.  I think I mentioned it briefly in another blog, but I want to talk more about it.  Last summer, we noticed a sign while traveling between our house and Montello, Wisconsin.  The actual address is W5798 Hwy 23, Princeton, WI  54968.  They are open everyday except Sunday.  The phone number is 920-896-1025. 

We didn't stop at the time because we were on a schedule, and we weren't quite sure what it was.  It looked like a little country store. We made a note to come back later.

Country Values Store

Since it is only two miles from our house, we returned a few weeks later to check it out.  I am very glad we did.  It is actually referred to as a "Bent and Dent" store.  Other bent and dents we have shopped at were not nearly as clean and tidy.  Actually I saw very few bent and dented cans.  This store had a variety of grocery items, some craft items,  Amish bakery, produce when it is in season and hand made Goat milk soaps and lotions.

A lot of canned goods neatly arranged on the shelf.

Coconut water, sparkling cranberry juice and other drinks.

We have been there several times now.  We bought a few new things last week that were gluten free items.  When I got home and tasted them, they were delicious.  We went back today to buy more.

Udi's granola usually sells for about $4.75 and Blue Diamond Nut Thins are $2.50 in a store.
As you can see we paid a lot less for these items.  $1.50 for granola and $.50 for the Nut Thins.

 When we first drove up we noticed they had a lot of goats. 

These goats were very friendly, and I knew why when we walked into the store.  On the counter were little packets of goat food.  The goats were hoping that we would feed them and not just take their picture.

I asked the proprietor of the store about the goats and if she made the soaps.  She told me she did and that she made each batch in a crock pot, but uses goat milk instead of the usual water.  I bought a bar of soap that smelled like lemons.  It is wonderful and leaves my skin so soft.  I will definitely be buying more of Creamy Doe Suds.

Hand made goat milk products like soap and lotions.
If any of you want to learn more about this store you can visit them on Facebook.  

They post what is going on and any new items that arrive.  Recently they have a lot of gluten free items at a wonderful price.  It gave us the opportunity to try some items we wouldn't normally have access to or wouldn't want to pay full price for.  I really like visiting small businesses like this and wish them all the best in their new business venture.

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