Friday, November 22, 2013

Rural Health Photo Contest Winner

In early January of 2012 my dad, who was 87 at the time, was asked to participate in a photoshoot at an area hospital.  We got some outfits together, gave him a haircut and took him.  He said almost everyone needed some makeup, but he didn't need any.  A professional photographer came in to take photos of him and others.  They had different scenarios.  They had different departments of the hospital represented. They had maternity, family practice, physical therapy, volunteers, imaging and geriatric care.  This happened a couple weeks before mom died.   It's a shame she died before seeing the final pictures.  She would have been proud of her husband being a model at his age.  All of the photos turned out great and large 4 by 6 foot canvas prints were made of each department and placed on the walls throughout the hospital.

The one of my dad was also made into a banner which is hanging in front of the nursing home which 
 is associated with the hospital.  


We got used to seeing the banners and the photo and forgot about it.  Then this week we heard that this photo had won a photo contest.

Wisconsin Office of Rural Health
Wisconsin Office of Rural Health
Yesterday, November 21, was Rural Health Day.  It was a day to showcase rural America and to increase awareness of rural health-related issues.  As part of the celebration, Rural Health sponsored a a photo contest.  The hospital submitted the photos from the large canvas prints they had done and three of them won—including the one of my dad.  When he heard the news he puffed up like a proud peacock and grinned.  It was so much fun to see that you are never too old to be proud of yourself.

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