Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Surprise Bluebird Visitor

Today I woke up really early.  It was very dark outside.  I went in the kitchen and made the coffee as I do every morning.  Then I turned on the TV and watched the local news.  I saw there was a bad car accident and other sad news.  Then I heard that a baby was born on Sunday in the Green Bay area with a broken collar bone.  They named the baby Aaron Rodger after the Green Bay Packer quarterback Aaron Rodgers who has a broken collar bone.  It was a happy story.  As it began to get light out, I noticed the birds were really busy at the bird feeders.  They hadn't been very active lately, so I figured that this means the weather is about to change.  That fact was confirmed by the weather report.  As I looked I saw the rose breasted nuthatches eating seed.  Then I thought the nuthatch looked really big.  I looked more closely and discovered it was a bluebird.  This is really late in the year for us to see bluebirds.  I grabbed the camera and took the first picture through the dirty window.  It was just getting light so the picture didn't turn out very bright but you can see how cute he is.

 I watched as he checked out all the bluebird houses.  I grabbed the meal worms and put some in the feeder.  Eventually he left and I'm not sure if he will stay or if he was just passing through on the way to a warmer climate.

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