Saturday, June 1, 2013

We Are Being Taken Over By Black Locust Trees

We have a tree that is taking over our property.  It is called a Black Locust.  It grows so fast you can almost see it grow.  If you cut it off, it comes back very fast.  There is no way to dig it out because the root system can travel for a very long distances, popping up new trees as it travels.  That is how they become so invasive. 

Does this pretty blossom look like it would be a problem?  It even smells pretty good.  

 But they have taken over.

The worse part is that they have very sharp thorns, so it makes it even more difficult to cut down.  Some say the wood is hard, strong, close-grained and very durable so it won't rot.  It would make a good fence post or some outdoor structure.  It supposedly is good for fireplaces because it burns slowly with very little smoke.  Maybe we can at least use it for that.   I'm just afraid that it will choke out all the good trees.  Every year we have to eliminate as many as we can and hope for the best.

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